Peer to peer lending, a part of the Fintech room has gained significant momentum in the past, and it is true! Loan doors and online loans cut intermediaries, aka banks, and allow you to borrow money directly from investors with a lower level. You can look at this website if you want to know more facts about p2p loans.

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1. grow exponentially:

Market experts estimate that the P2P loan industry in India will be worth $ 5 billion which is surprising in 2020. And not excessive, it is also not a matter of prediction. 

2. Cheaper default:

Rising Corporate Loan Defaults have increased in recent years with famous entrepreneurs leading lists. Market loans on the other hand have a default level in the range of 3-5% which are equally cheap and can be ignored as anything. 

3. Invest in a regulated environment:

That was the impact of the P2P loan platform in India that it was only a matter of time before the highest financial regulator in the country stepped in. RBI recognizes the P2P industry as part of the broader NBFC (nonbanking non-banking) category. Add value to this sector.

4. Profitable and easy:

Contrary to popular belief, there are investment assets that outperform equity with fair margins. Through P2P loans, an investor can easily produce in the range of 25-35% with zero volatility. 

5. Feel-good factors:

When digitalization takes an improved form, the P2P loan platform seems to win the hearts of consumers. With so many positives to go with him, peer to peer lending can be the future of finance in this country!