This is true that boredom in dogs leads to frustration and destructive behavior. But providing your dog with the right enrichment toys will burn off excess energy, and prevent problem behavior. There are lots of dogs enrichment toys that we can buy for our dogs like treat dispensers, licking mats, chew toys, etc.  

There are lots of fun cognitive training games you can play, but toys can challenge your dog’s brain as well. Choose the enrichment toys according to their personality and health. Commercially produced treats are available as dry, crunchy biscuits or semi-moist sticks, strips, and shapes. Dogtastic dog treats can be divided into small pieces and are so easy to break. You can visit to buy dogs enrichment toys online.

Before buying the dogs' enrichment toys keep in mind that choose the best quality of toys. You can spread the treats on the lick mats. There are different options that you can spread on lick mats like peanut butter, cottage cheese, non-fat yogurt, fruits and vegetables, chicken broth, and more!

Enrichment toys are a very pleasurable experience for your dog. It secretes endorphins, the happiness hormone, helping calm and soothe your pet, and redirect bad licking habits. The lickimat becomes a great distraction when given in a moderately stressful situation, for example when you leave the home or when unfamiliar guests are visiting.