When you are looking for bar stools for your outdoor space, you not only need to think about appearance, you also need to buy a well-built chair that will beautify your patio, garden or deck. 

The selection of benches is huge. The outdoor bar stools are typically made of wood or metal with hard seats made of a similar material or chairs covered in polyurethane or vinyl. Wooden benches can be made from many different types of wood including pine, oak, cherry and maple.

Each of these trees can be painted or colored to allow you to make a more personal choice. Always make sure that your outdoor bench is also protected from the weather with an additional transparent coating.

Metal bar stools are very popular, buy wooden bar stools create a more comfortable feel and give guests a warm and cozy feeling. Wood debris exposed to extreme heat or cold can crack or loosen at the seams for years and after use. However, a well-designed well-designed outdoor wooden bar stool will not have this problem when the adhesive comes off due to the weather.

Many types of metal are used in the construction of outdoor metal bar stools and all offer a sturdy construction that must withstand the use and the elements. 

Superior stools for patio use are created by welding disparate elements into one connected piece. Whenever you find a screw in a metal bar stool, you know you've found an inferior brand of patio furniture. These screws can become loose and need to be reset or repaired periodically, so keep that in mind when considering furniture like this.