There are many ways that a golf practice net improves your overall golf game. Some of them are:

Your Head Stays Down- When you hit the golf practice net, you tend to keep your head down because you know where the ball is going into the net. Without the network, the uptrend is larger, which can generally result in incomplete tracking and/or more snippets.

So playing with the net makes it easier to keep your head down, which will remove those bad aspects and get you into the habit of avoiding them. A quick search can really break your device.

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Stressless Golf – When one has a golf practice net, all the pressure is gone. First of all, in or in the comfort of your own home. Players tend to play a little tighter and put more stress on the range. That's because, like it or not, you are being watched and some people feel judged.

Some people can handle it and others can't. Some of the players are amazing and like to go out with friends or even alone. Whether you're that type of player or not, you keep getting stressed without the same benefits/more relaxation/focus on your game.