Around the world, Macrodyne hot stamping presses are used in press hardening and hot press forming activities.

The presses enable manufacturers to produce a variety of higher strength and lighter weight automotive parts with complex geometries in fewer steps than traditional stamping, including door beams, roof rails, body pillars such as A-pillar (A-post) and B-pillar (B-post), bumpers, tunnel reinforcements, general high-strength parts, and more.

Optimize  Your  Hot Stamping  Operations

When acquiring a hydraulic hot stamping press or a fully automated hot stamping press line, there are several important factors to consider.

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A hydraulic hot stamping press's hydraulic and control systems must be fully programmable and provide reproducible tonnage control.

To ensure that the press is suited for your unique hot stamping application, the press frame style, guidance systems, speeds, tonnage, material feed direction, quick die change, and off-center loading capability must all be carefully analyzed.

Microdyne has a lot of experience with hot stamping and will work closely with you to make sure that all of your needs are met.

Stamping Presses machines stretch a metal sheet, plate, or extrusion across a form die to create complex shapes. Compared to rolled or drawn parts, stamping Presses parts offer higher shape control and surface quality.

A metal blank is deformed both plastically and elastically during the Stamping Presses process. The blank is first placed on a die table and clamped down with hydraulic holding jaws.