Carrying any weapon that is deemed dangerous or illegal without a proper permit is a crime. There are many intricacies in the law about what guns are illegal and the penalties that come with illegal gun charges.

In many countries, the location of the person with the gun plays an important role in determining what the consequences will be. The type of weapon and the number of weapons or ammunition involved are also important in determining the penalty. If a person is found with an illegal gun in a shop that is licensed to sell alcohol, the crime can turn from a felony to a felony.

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Some weapons that are often considered illegal include:

-Firearms, pistols, machine guns – any weapon designed to throw bullets or similar objects

-Bats – are items designed to inflict physical damage when hit by another.

-Explosive Weapons – Bombs, grenades, rockets, mines or other improvised devices designed to explode

-Illegal Knives – Any knife with a double-edged blade, blade longer than five and a half inches. This also includes spears, swords, and other tools that can be used to harm others.

Knuckles – a tool designed to wrap your fingers or knuckles with metal to increase punching force.

-Chemical Dispensing Devices – Any device that contains and releases hazardous chemicals in a manner that may harm others.

-Fire Suppressor – Device designed to suppress the sound of firearms

Fake bombs or other items designed to scare other people.