Since the introduction of nic salts in the vape market, numerous questions about what vape device for vaping is the most effective have been asked. The available options can be difficult to sort through. 

To get familiar with vaping, nicotine salt devices that are open/closed systems are categorized under vape pods or pod mods.

Vape pods are electronic cigarettes that have disposable pods and have a combination of high resistance and low wattage features that make them ultra-portable and perfect for smokers who are new to vaping. If you want to buy Caliburn G Pod, then you can check out the web.


Mods for vape vapor are sold as a starter kit since they provide the option of an open (refillable) and sealed (not refillable) pod system that can aid you in finding the device that can aid you in quitting smoking cigarettes.

Essentially, pod systems are a mix between e-cigarettes and vape pens which have been redesigned to conform to the standards of modern vaping technology.

Common features in pod systems for nicotine:

  • Ultra-Portable and small design
  • Low Wattage (ex. 16 watts)
  • Resistance high (ex. 1.3 Ohm coils)
  • Pods are typically no larger than 2ml of nicotine salt E-liquids
  • Auto-draw or one button
  • You can either purchase pre-filled cartridges/pods or refillable cartridges

Make sure that when you select an electronic device to vape nicotine salts, ensure you don't choose a sub-ohm device with a high wattage. Nicotine salts are high in nicotine and are not designed for devices that have high watts because of the dangers of taking too much nicotine. 

Pod systems have become more popular over the past year because of their simple appearance and the similar feeling of cigarette that it provides smokers.