Project management poses a major challenge for many experts today. This is due to the difficulty of activity tracking for project activities. This problem has caused various disruptions in project management, resulting in oversinging in most of the projects. 

There are times when project execution delays are the result of improper planning of activities and improper tracking of project time resulting in more than 50% incremental cost of project costs.

To combat the problem of time tracking, activity tracking program has been developed to increase the effectiveness of project management professionals. This software has features that make it unique for easy project management. The many features of the software include:

1. Ability to keep a record of time spent on individual projects. These include the duration of the activities that are part of the project.

2. Easy customer connection. It makes specific and targeted software.

3. Connection with the project documents quickly. This increase locates important records related to the project.

4. There is a floating timeline in the software which helps to control the project activities. This way you can start or stop your project at will and still manage what happens in the project.

5. No need to manually keep track of your time on the project. Because the software automatically records the time for your project for you when you start it.

6. This software can be used by one person or 50 people at the same time, depending on the version used.