When you talk about tents, you probably immediately think of the variety of camping. However, tents are used for many other purposes every day around the world. Some are temporary or permanent living spaces, some provide a special location for special events, and some tents can simply add to the living space and comfort of the outside home.

Army tents have been used in almost every part of the world for almost as long as history has written them. Asian nomads live in round tents because this type of construction helps the structure withstand extreme conditions and strong winds. You can also buy army tents online from various web sources.

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The low weight and easy disassembly of the tent make it easier to move the logs to new states if necessary. Even today, some people still set up tents permanently. Many tent residents are happy with the small ecological footprint the tent leaves. Yurts, mounds, and other types of tents are easy to build and rely on renewable raw materials for their materials.

Armies around the world have used tents to house soldiers. They are easy to install, disassemble quickly, and don't require a lot of staff to move to a new location.

Semi-permanent military tents are used to accommodate soldiers in battle areas. They are more complex than camping tents, some military tents have air conditioning systems and enough space for several people to move around comfortably.