Listening to books rather than reading them gives you an opportunity to absorb more information in a much shorter period of time. The average person reads five books per year but the average audiobook user listens to around 16 books per year.

That is quite a difference and means that more information is going into your mind for safekeeping and reference at a later time. The reason you can listen to more audiobooks online is that you can take them with you wherever you go, even when you are on the go.

If you are looking for books online, then you can also buy the best non fiction books via This is not possible with an ordinary thick cover book. This gives you more time to enjoy the book you love over and over again.

Most online audiobook sites have a wide variety of audio recordings for all levels of geek. It only takes a few minutes to explore some of the many easily accessible websites.

Most of the online bookstores exist to attract your business by offering competitive prices and special discounts. Sometimes they even give credit for the audiobooks you purchased and they can be collected to purchase additional books.

They also provide big retail discounts for store-bought CDs on credit. Returning customers usually get a discount on the audiobooks they purchase afterward. The shop is also ready to store your credit and keep it for you until you are ready to use it. You won't lose what you don't use!