The advantage of the scratching pole is far. Despite their sleepy nature, cats have a lot of energy and can play for more than 30 minutes a day. Keeping them busy is very important and often frustrating as they refuse toys or become bored. You can also shop for cat tree in Ireland at best prices, buy online now.

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That's why people like cat houses or climbing towers. Cats are naturally drawn to higher points in the house while sleeping and playing. Cat furniture offers an outlet for safety, relaxation, and a quick burst of energy. 

Most scratching posts are usually covered with a high-quality sisal rope rug throughout. I would recommend wood or PVC material as the cardboard will crumble quickly with any activity.

Placing your scratching post next to a window gives your cat hours of visual pleasure and smell, and helps prevent boredom. As the warm day's approach, you'll likely catch your cat on one of the tiers of the scratching post, basking in the ultimate comfort.

For older cats who have mobility issues, a lower scratching post with a bed can be a good option. But don't underestimate a cat's urge to climb and jump at any age, not to mention the physical benefits!

Quality trees can be expensive, and their prices vary widely. Another option is to build your own, and while this may sound daunting to most people, it's easy to do with clear guidelines and a few basic ingredients.