Many talented performers and artists have been supported by all of the cities in India. Some of the greatest talents in the world have been born here. Each city has a unique atmosphere that allows artists to develop their skills and learn from them. The people of each city hold a special place for music and dancing. 

Kolkata is one of the cities which is home to many famous dancers. You can check online the city’s most renowned dancers , who are keen to help the next generation of dancers.


Kolkata city is a platform that promotes both western and Indian dance styles. The residents of Kolkata have a special love for drawing and painting, and they are not only talented musicians and dancers. Many reputable drawing and painting schools in Kolkata offer excellent training for talented and promising artists. 

These institutions believe life and art can be interchangeable by nature. Life without art is not life. Talented artists can achieve unlimited possibilities with proper training and exposure. Art schools offer a great opportunity to learn about different aspects of painting and drawing. They also assist them in choosing the right medium and style to create art.

Dance schools of different cities are renowned for providing a safe environment that allows young dancers to improve their skills. These schools are run by professionally trained teachers who are proficient in various types of dance. You can learn Indian Classical Dances like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, and Manipuri.