The best cutting board is one that lasts through generations. You will be proud to claim that the chopping board that you had previously owned is the one your children will or are using. With continuous use, the wood gets increasingly beautiful. It is also self-healing and comes with natural antiseptic characteristics. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have something similar to plastic products that change color and break off over the course of a few years? Of course, it is essential to maintain your wood butcher board properly so that it can get old. Utilize a strong disinfectant such as bleach to eliminate the bacteria living in the small grooves left. 

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It might begin to shrink the design of the board. You can also make use of hot soap and water to wash your board. Make sure to not immerse yourself in a sink full of water. After cleaning, it is important to ensure that the cutting board is dry. Make sure that the board is dry. surface. It is recommended to rub oils on your board. 

A good mineral oil rub applied to the board can help stop water from entering and causing damage to the grain. There are oils specifically designed for cutting boards. The first thing to consider when you decide to buy the board is how big you'd like the board to measure. There are two kinds of cutting boards made from wood: End grain cut boards as well as cut-off boards with flat grains. Many people recommend the end grain type because they are more durable and will not dull your knives as quickly.