Tablets like the new iPad could soon replace the traditional pen and paper used to store patient files and other medical records on the bed. Not only do tablets remove the perennial problem of illegible handwriting. 

They also allow doctors and nurses to store, share and duplicate patient records with the push of a button. You can now look for the best iPads for hospitals online and offline. 

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This technology can also be used to get test results, review medical scans, and import notes from other sources. Unlike conventional laptops, tablets are lighter, easier to hold in an upright position and can be coated more easily for disinfection.

We know that many doctors and nurses are used to viewing and sharing patient information with iPhones and other “smartphones”. This tablet has the advantages of higher computing power and a much larger screen.

While the recently launched iPad is not part of the current Kaiser pilot program, it is a major contender for the nationwide launch of this electronic tablet concept.

The Obama administration has strongly emphasized the need to move from paper notes to electronic records as part of its public health reform initiatives. The Kaiser e-tablet program fits perfectly into this scenario and is likely to be explored by many hospitals and other healthcare providers to improve patient care while increasing overall efficiency.

New devices continue to transform the health care industry and medical schools. Technological advances in care tools enable doctors and nurses to better serve their patients.