Its Canon SX40 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Wide Angle appears to the world as if it's the Digital SLR (DSLR) however, on closer inspection, it comes with a wide-angle fixed lens of 24-840mm that lets you shoot beautiful video.

As you first into the case, there is the impression that you've got an instrument of professional quality in your hand and you truly have. For instance, the SX40 produces high-definition full HD footage at 24 frames per second. It's 1080p. You can also buy the best DSLR camcorder for streaming to record your game.

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That means that if you bought a 32GB SDHC memory card you could create videos with long streams which will play on your high-definition television or laptop. 

All you require is the appropriate mini-USB/HDMI cable and mini-USB/USB adapter cable, and you can directly upload to the device that supports high-definition.

It is surprisingly inexpensive, can do everything you'll need, and more. It utilizes Canon's newest DIGIC5 image Processor system. This might not seem like a lot, however, if you have the 35X optical zoom feature using a wide-angle lens it's not time to find a smooth surface such as a fence or an automobile to take long-distance shots without a visible shake of the lens. 

Its DIGIC5 Image Processor is not solely responsible for automatic illumination correction and focuses as well, it also allows Canon's Autostablizer System. 

This means that when you need to take a long shot like during a football match and have to do it in a handheld position and with a tripod, the auto stabilization will make the image smooth and stable. It's just like using a tripod with the DSLR, with a longer lens.