Maybe you've decided to have a pergola in your garden, partly as a decoration and partly as a place to sit or relax while spending time outdoors. You can search for various types of exclusive pre-made pergolas, but if you can't find one that you think is right for your garden, you may need to invest in a pergola design that you can then incorporate into your outdoor space. For more information about garden pergola, you can visit this site –

However, there are a few things you need to set up before you start looking for a project as these can vary greatly in terms of speed, model, and construction and you may also want a reliable pergola builder to work on the building passionately building according to the project you are purchasing.

Choose the materials to build the structure on before delving into the pergola design. This can not only affect the design, it can even have some important implications such as: where you place the pergola in the garden. For example, vinyl is not really suitable for sunny locations as it can cause the material to melt or stretch. 

Aluminum is more durable but can get very hot in direct sunlight. Wood is very bulky, impervious to heat, but expensive to manufacture. Once you know the material, you can start thinking about the shape. Square shapes are the simplest designs, while triangular or round ones are less common and are more likely to be used when space is very expensive.