Landscape design is a laborious task that requires a lot of work. People love to display their work so it makes sense to add landscape lighting to complete their project. There are many lighting options, and there are many ways to accent or highlight the landscaping. 

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The lighting method is only one aspect of the equation. It's also important to consider the type of light. There are two types of landscape lighting: traditional or solar-powered. Solar lighting is powered by the sun and is relatively easy to set up. A few solar lights come with a solar panel to provide power. 

There is no digging required to install electric light. However, wireless models don't require any wires and can be set up in as little time as solar lighting. However, electricity has the expense of electricity, while solar lights have no additional utility cost.

Once you have decided on the lighting style and type, it is time to buy and install your landscape lighting. Landscape lighting adds class to any landscape project. This lighting reflects the hard work and pride of the homeowner. 

Landscape lighting can also be used to illuminate walkways and give the homeowner a sense of security. Landscape lighting is available in many options so that anyone can find the right lighting for them.