It used to be that if you needed phone service for your business, you called the local phone company, which had a monopoly in your area, and bought what you needed at their price. There was no room for negotiation, and there was no competition, so you were stuck.

But this has all changed now. No longer do you need to rely on a copper line from your nearest telephone company central office to your business; if you have an internet connection, you already have everything you need for phone service. To find out the Best Business Phone Service VoIP Provider in the USA, you can browse the web.

There is room for negotiation, there are competing quotes, and there are different service options; but, the one thing you can count on is that you will get more features and better service, and a lower cost per month than your deal with the local telco.

So, if you have an internet line into your business, start looking for a phone provider who can give you service over that line. Get some competing bids, check out the features, and save yourself some money. Isn't it amazing how good old competition works to your benefit!

How do you find these national phone providers? Simple; just Google for "business phone service". You should get many choices of telephone exchanges that WANT your business.

Are there any limitations to this sort of business service? The answer is simple: NO. You can have an inbound number in any city in the US or a toll-free number. You can call out to any telephone anywhere in the world, including landlines and cell phones.