When creating your own garden art, recycled and used bicycle materials can be the perfect starting point.If you want to present a potted plant or flower in a creative way, look for an old wooden chair. Color it in a bright color that complements the plant and you will get an eye-catching look in a pot. You can buy best diy garden edging in Australia via https://www.enviroblocks.com.au/

For a whimsical touch, pull up an old wooden wagon standing in the garage gathering rust. You can add a little color if needed, but the real beauty is in the vintage look.

Find a spot in your yard and add some potted plants that you want to make sure everyone will see. You immediately have a showcase for the beautiful flowers that you've worked so hard.

 The best part about recycled garden art is the ability to create your own unique space. If you want to create a theme garden, look around and find things that match your theme.

You can use a cat figurine mixed with a cat as a cat-inspired shelter, or you can use an old farm tool to make you feel at home on the farm. Just place your decorations anywhere and add plants and shrubs to add an interesting focal point.

 When you decide to ditch your old headboard, you can use it as a garden gate. Just add a few hinges and you'll have an instant gate that's also a pair of garden art.

 You know an ugly old stump in the middle of your garden. Instead of trying to hide it, use outer paint and add a chessboard in the center. Now you have a great place to meet friends and play some games, as well as quirky garden artwork to refresh yourself.