The demand for professional DJs has increased in recent years, largely due to the increased level of service that DJs can provide. Thanks to rapid improvements in MP3 and audio technology, today's DJs can offer sharper, clearer sound and handle a much larger music catalog. 

But playing music is just one of the many DJ services available. Here are some of the additional services a Geelong wedding dj that can offer right services for your needs:

Host:- In addition to playing music to get guests to dance, DJs hired for weddings and other private events often host. Duties may include hosting weddings and/or famous guests, toasting, narrating video presentations or slideshows, announcing competitions and other activities, or simply using her wit and humor to persuade reluctant dancers to step onto the dance floor. .

Visual Entertainment:- While DJs are renowned for their auditory entertainment skills, many of them can also provide visual entertainment. With LED lighting systems, disco balls, etc., a DJ can create a colorful visual experience that not only relates to the music but also enhances the overall enjoyment of your guests, whether they prefer to dance or prefer to watch the show from the sidelines.

Karaoke Hosting:- There are DJs who specialize in arranging karaoke in clubs, bars, private parties, etc. They keep up with the latest music and equipment trends and maintain a full catalog of songs full of past and current hits and long classics. 

They'll have the ability to entertain crowds and convince reluctant performers to jump on stage, and when there's a break they'll pick up the mic and sing for the next volunteer guest.