Homeowners and renters insurance does not cover damage from flooding. To protect your home, be sure to understand the risk of flooding and what your insurance options are.

You will need flood protection coverage if you live in a designated flood zone. But flooding can also occur in inland areas and away from major rivers. 

flood insurance claims

Consider buying a flood insurance policy if your house could be flooded by melting snow, an overflowing creek or pond, or water running down a steep hill.

Flood insurance is available for renters as well as homeowners, but a special policy is required as flood insurance—like earthquake insurance—is not part of standard homeowners coverage. Flood policies are provided by the federal government and some private insurers.

If you think you need flood insurance, don’t wait for a flood season warning on the evening news to buy a policy—there is a 30-day waiting period before the coverage takes effect.

There is a good chance the landlord has not yet invested in the policy. This means that personal property will not be covered for water damage.

So make sure you invest in the policy to protect the home. It is common for homes to be filled with expensive technology, furniture, files, and other items. If you don’t have the residential flooding policy, you could be responsible for any water damage and even the removal of residual mould.