When people move into their homes or office, the object to be cleaned may raise their heads. The situation can be a little tricky and depends on the so-called contractual relationship with the property you are leaving behind. You can consider the move out cleaning via https://365cleaners.com.au/moving-in-and-out-cleaning/ to clean your rental property. 

Regardless of whether your property is commercial or private if you do not own it but rent or lease it, there is a high probability that your contract has a clause which states that you can keep it as long as your release should be left in a virgin state. 

In some cases, these clauses can be very detailed and require you to do carpet cleaning, floor polishing, window cleaning and alley cleaning without weeds, etc. There are rarely provisions on who does the job, only you are responsible for it and it may be more comfortable using a professional cleaning service than simply spending the time and effort doing it yourself.

In some cases, it may not be just about cleaning the property itself, There may be similar clauses regarding the general condition and order of all garden areas related to the property you are leaving.

Of course, if you do own the property, the responsibilities can be a little more subtle and interpretive. As a matter of personal pride, few of us want to vacate the property we own and leave it dirty. 

For those who may be tempted to do so, it should be noted that there may be terms in various sales contracts relating to the general ordering of the property at the time of purchase by a new owner. In other words, you may be asked to leave a property that is generally clean and tidy.