Oktoberfest is in sight as the first day begins on September 16th. German festivals are already a global phenomenon celebrating Bavarian culture and beer mugs. Here you will find everything you need to know about holidays.

Oktoberfest will run from September 16 to October 3 this year, according to the Munich website. You can also check for the best keg tapping through the web.

Oktoberfest Waterloo

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Why is it celebrated?

Oktoberfest began as a wedding more than 200 years ago, when the heir to the Bavarian throne, Ludwig, married Princess Teresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. The wedding was celebrated with many days of drinking, parties, and horse racing.

Oktoberfest is often associated with beer, but festival traditions go beyond that. While the beer marquee, of course, offers drinks, they only play traditional Bavarian music.

The KITCHENER – Kitchener – Waterloo Oktoberfest will run over three weekends in 2021, starting with the official opening ceremony on September 24.

"The safety and well-being of our community, our staff, and volunteers is our top priority," the statement said. “Working closely with the Waterloo Department of Public Health, the community, and the region, we are pleased to be able to offer an exciting program to safely enjoy this community's traditions in practice and in private.

This year's festival also includes the Oktoberfest WonderWagon Kitchener-Waterloo, which brings the "Octoberfest spirit" to residential streets, local restaurants, and other community centers throughout September and October.