A managed hosting service also referred to as a dedicated hosting server or dedicated hosting service is a form of internet hosting service in which the client leases the entire hosting server which is not shared with anyone else. For the client – organisations, business enterprises or companies – it allows them to gain complete control over various resources including the operating system, hardware, server(s) and more.

However, with all these positive aspects the most important part for any stakeholder is to opt for a trusted IT support service in Vancouver that can offer them robust and quality services.

Managed Hosting Service

Often it’s difficult to know where to start so below are some key criteria that you should consider before choosing the best hosting servers.

  • Reliability with data centre access

When choosing a hosting service provider make sure that your provider does have access to a data centre facility. This will ensure that you don’t have to take care of any maintenance of hardware and other relevant resources. This type of reliable managed hosting service provider will assure you that they will be accountable to meet your overall system performance requirements. In fact, a provider with access to a data centre facility doesn’t have to be located near your business to provide you with this excellent performance.

  • Security

Be sure to use a provider who has undertaken both physical and logical security parameters. Physical security focuses on the data centre where the actual hardware(s), server(s) and computers are located. There should be continuous security staff on-site for data security and only the system administrators should be able to gain physical access to your equipment, along with all the access log files.

  • Support

The dedicated hosting service provider should be equipped with a team of professionals and qualified support staff who provide an IT Infrastructure is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. It’s a framework that describes how IT resources can be organised to enable the delivery of real business value to clients.

By considering the above aspects and selecting a reliable provider you will get IT peace of mind knowing that your applications are performing at their full potential which will allow your business to generate greater returns on investment with less overhead.