Modern decor is built on the principle of "form follows function" and has a minimalist aesthetic with open spaces and clean lines. Modern decor doesn't have to be boring. It welcomes character and personal style. This can be achieved by incorporating framed art photos into your decor. 

A design space can be enhanced by art in many ways, including color, theme, and form. While many associate abstract art prints and modern decors, this design scheme doesn't limit you to one style. These are great ways to incorporate different art prints into modern decor. You can also buy ‘best art pictures’ online (also known as beste Kunst bilder' in the German language).

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Purely Modern Design

Pure modern decor focuses on simplicity and minimalism. This results in simple, easy-to-use designs that are accessible and have plenty of space for people to move about in. This is reflected in the colors used. They rely heavily on a neutral palette, with strategically placed accents of color here and there.

The Eclectic Approach

The modern style allows you to create room designs that are unique and reflect your personal taste. You can achieve a sophisticated, eclectic look by mixing and matching traditional and modern pieces. 

A wide variety of frames can be used to create an eclectic modern decor. There are many modern art prints available. Be sure to match the style you are going for with the colors, lines, and forms of the painting.