With all the dog parks across the country, how do you make sure your dog is ready to play in a public park? Below is a list of rules you should follow to ensure you and your dog have a great experience at your local dog park. You can find the amazing and safe puppy friendly brewery near me.

Make sure your dog is in good health, has all the vaccines, and is spayed or neutered. If your dog is sick or unwell, skip the dog park. Take your dog for a walk before entering the park! Dog parks have never replaced exercise. If you arrive at the park by car, take your dog for a walkabout 30 minutes before entering. This will help you expend energy so you don't run a fidgety dog in the park.

Dog park becomes meeting spot in resort town

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A dog park is not a place to "relax" your dog. You must take full responsibility for your dog's behavior and be 100% aware of what he or she is doing. Make sure your dog is in a submissive state of mind. The unstable energy will definitely lead to battle. If your dog is aggressive, cowardly, weak, or restless, then you want trouble at the dog park.

If your dog's social skills are questionable, or if you haven't established yourself as a leader in your group, or if he gets nervous or attacks other dogs, you need to work out ways to socialize your dog in a more controlled way. Try small get-togethers with a friend who has a dog or two.

Dog behavior will help when training and obedience lessons don't work.