Sausage filling is an indispensable feature of any butcher or small producer and saves a lot of time and effort. When choosing a hydraulic filler, the main thing to consider is the ease of use and the design of the machine.

A good hydraulic snag device in Australia has a solid base that prevents tipping by lowering its center of gravity. Cartridges should be at a relatively ergonomic height for operator health and knee work is best. Poorly designed machines can dent and dents can interfere with the filling process. Sturdy, thick-walled modules are ideal.

Sausage Filler

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Mainca hydraulic fillers are strong, reliable, and ideal for the meat and food industry. They are an integral part of any sausage business. Mainca filler maximizes product quality with a precise and tight seal. 

  • Solid cylinders and precisely milled pistons ensure no air leakage
  • The operating speed and pressure are only set using the rotary knob
  • When the switch is released, the plunger is automatically decompressed to avoid unnecessary product discharge
  • An even product yield prevents the meat from scattering and losing its color
  • Detachable piston for easy cleaning
  • The bottom of the stainless steel cylinder does not show internal corrosion

Andher ADT-80 Sausage Casing Spooler:

With the Andher ADT-80, you save time and avoid housing losses. This rolls the sleeve quickly and gently over your sausage nozzle. Just press the device and the roller will spin, loading the natural casing into the nozzle.

  • Suitable for natural bowls.
  • Hygienic design, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Patented roller with adjustable diameter from 8 to 38 mm.
  • Suitable to be installed in the filler or on the production table.
  • The switch is located on the handle and provides safety.