The new Patient Protection and Care Act (PPACA) – also known as health reform – has provided relief for many seniors, which is essential for preventative care. PPACA offers many benefits for seniors on Medicare, including annual health checks.

Annual screening means early detection of disease and better treatment and recovery options.

Starting in September 2010, Medicare's new insurance plans and some current plans (special changes must be made to qualify) will cover specialty services such as colonoscopy and mammography. There are various services for old citizens that give them benefits.

Why Health Insurance for elderly a must buy!

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Many parents face high co-payments and deductions for preventive benefits such as colonoscopy and mammography. Some are not covered at all.

Older adults are at much higher risk of cancer, diabetes, eye aging, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and depression than the younger generation; As a result, the need for preventive offerings increases with age. Increased coverage means that older and more vulnerable parents will have access to prevention services from 2011 onwards.

Parents and their health care professionals are now free to make informed decisions about health care based on the need for preventive services, rather than whether or not adults can pay for the services.

Many seniors have to choose between food and shelter or medical care; they have a steady income at the poverty line. Thanks to health care reforms and affordable coverage for everyone, they no longer have to make these terrible decisions.