Some people generally experience heartburn due to indigestion or lifestyle problems. These episodes can be very distracting and interfere with the normal routine of life. Simple remedies can help get rid of this situation and avoid its recurrence. The presence of excess acid in the stomach, secreted by the gastric glands, and burping in the esophagus causes a burning sensation and acid regurgitation which can later lead to chest pain. Apart from pain, a bitter taste in the mouth and difficulty breathing can also be felt.

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The problem of heartburn arises not only because there are many diseases that can be associated with this problem. The most effective treatments are a combination of natural remedies to reduce excess acidity and improve nutrition and sleep, along with a healthy lifestyle. Eating spicy and fatty foods, sleeping immediately after eating, consuming less water, lack of physical activity, stress, and hunger, or eating irregular meals are the most common causes of heartburn. A diet low in fiber and high in protein also causes heartburn.

Apart from corrective measures, a few other precautions will help prevent acid problems effectively. Chewing well, ideally not ingested in liquid form, is a very good habit and helps avoid excess acid buildup during the digestive process. Avoiding spicy food, eating early, avoiding too much alcohol, or drinking tea or coffee, and not lying down immediately after eating are other good habits to avoid heartburn.