If you're aware of the advantages that eating liver can bring, you might be wondering how best to enjoy these. If you prefer to consume fresh liver, or prefer the convenience of frozen dried capsules. You can easily find the bison liver tablets through various onlines websites.

bison liver capsules

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There's a variety of ways to incorporate nutritionally rich liver into your daily diet. 

Pan-fried Pan fried Our favorite way for enjoying liver is to pan fry it in organic ghee, served with bacon diced. Make sure to include a sprinkle on Sea Salt Flakes to add the perfect finishing edge!

Burger patties Slice the liver and mix it into the mince before shaping it into patties for burgers.

mince or spaghetti bolognaise or spaghetti bolognaiseLiver is the ideal "hidden ingredient" when it is chopped into pieces and mixed into pasta bolognaise or mince. It is a great method to sneak in some nutritional value into your meals for your family.

Liver PateLiver is a show-stopper for an entree, or an energizing snack served as a Pate. Pan-fry it with bacon, and the herbs you prefer and blend it into a paste with the food processor.

Organic Beef liver supplements fed with grass Are you unable to find high-quality liver, or aren't yet ready to bring the flavor in your kitchen? The benefits of liver's nutritional value can be enjoyed by taking capsules that are taken daily.