With no national licensing or ISO standard, any man and his dog can currently put up their hand (or paw) and say they are a Business Coach. Many businesses and agencies pour much of their hard-earned profits into coaching to support their staff but, what are these coaches really meant to be doing and how do you know you're getting what you pay for?

There is a myriad of entities, from sole traders to large franchised multi-nationals offering "Business Coaching" but there are in fact many different types of service that fit under the same heading. So one Business Coach or Company is unlikely to be able to give you expertise in every area.

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There is no one regulating the coach's behavior once they become a member but at least the coach has set the initial intention to follow the ICF's strict code of ethics and competencies. If the ICF receives a complaint about the Coach they may choose to terminate their membership but cannot prevent them from continuing to practice.

The Federation also has a number of accreditation levels for individual coaches based on how many paid hours of coaching they've done plus what coach-specific training they've completed.

This can be less of a guideline as to how "good" a coach is going to be. The coach may have long experience in an area, for example, graduated an MBA, but will not be able to get the basic accreditation because the training does not teach them to be a better coach. You will also find, as I have, coaches who have notched up very senior accreditation levels who still don't communicate that well.