Google Analytics has been around since marketers asked for an instrument they could utilize to assess the effectiveness of their web-based marketing. A company that is a part of the search engine marketing industry typically uses it to enhance Pay per Click initiatives. To run your ads, you can also hire a professional google ads company online.

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Setting AdWords and Analytics

The process of setting up AdWords Analytics is easy. You can either ask the SEO agency to set this up for you or make it your own. Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Login using an admin account of the two services: AdWords and Analytics. In the account you have created in your AdWords account, log into Analytics via the link provided. Go to the Admin section.

2. Go to the account's breadcrumb to verify that you are at the account level, not on the profile or the web property.

3. Go on to "Data Sources" and connect your AdWords and Analytics accounts.

4. Choose "Customize Columns" and go to the Google Analytics tab.

5. Include the three columns, namely bounce rate, page views per visit, and average visit length (seconds). Include these columns in ads, keywords, and ad groups as well as campaigns.

Analytics: Making Sense to Increase the Performance of Your AdWords

When the columns and information were created, it's time to work with your Internet advertising agency to analyze the data to help increase the effectiveness of AdWords. In the above paragraph, there are three main aspects to watch out for such as bounce rates, number of pages per visit, and average duration. Let's review each one at a time.