A good insurance policy is essential. Small business health insurance, however, has been the subject of debate for a considerable time. It is because some argue that those who suffer from pre-existing or terminal medical conditions should not be covered from coverage. Thankfully, this kind of coverage does not cut those suffering from these ailments. 

Actually, it is able to include individuals with different disabilities to join the coverage. However, there are so many options available in the market to get small business employee health insurance plans in South Carolina.

health insurance for your employer

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The majority of businesses and organizations in the past were able to offer coverage only to those who didn't have prior medical conditions. However, this is not the case with the majority of insurers nowadays. However, these insurers and employees can request employees to give them information regarding their medical background. 

Before they allow an individual to join a plan first, they must check their medical conditions. Even those who request a claim within the initial year after joining the plan should be examined. One of the aspects insurance companies look over is one's medical record. This is because there may be a medical issue that was previously ignored. 

A different reason could be that there are some conditions that can develop over the passing of time. These conditions are usually worthy of the attention of a physician. However, this doesn't mean that, if there is a medical issue of some kind is found and treated, the patient won't be eligible for insurance. As per the law, insurers and employers have the right to place exclusions in the insurance policy up to a certain amount.