Buying backlinks isn't a new practice that you might have heard about, but perhaps you may not understand if you should be doing it. Buying backlinks are basically a Black Hat SEO (search engine optimization) technique. If you link this from sources that are spamming the search engines, you're not doing black hat SEO at all. Spamming the search engines is what gets websites banned. Also, buying backlinks can help your website to climb the search engine rankings, which can be very important when it comes to getting potential customers. So, what are backlinks?

In case you don't know, a backlink is a link that is bought or sold between you and another website owner. This is basically the same thing as owning a billboard on a busy highway. The backlinks that you buy are links that are bought from other websites with high-quality content. These backlinks are usually bought for low-cost and you use them to promote your own website.

Many website owners out there think that by buying backlinks you're not actually promoting your site and therefore aren't complying with Google's terms and conditions. However, this is simply not true. You are actually promoting your site because your website is trying to get ranked in the search engines. The search engines keep track of the number of quality links that a website has, and they assign that value to a particular link. It's this value, which determines the strength of that link – and thus the value of your website.

By buying backlinks you're actually trying to improve your search engine ranking, which will consequently increase your traffic. If you were to penalize the purchase of backlinks you would be penalizing thousands of websites that you've got links from already. However, this isn't necessarily going to affect your website in a negative way, it's just going to affect the way your link is placed within the search engines. If the link is put within the top 10% of the search results for a particular keyword, then your link is most likely going to be ignored.

How can you ensure that you aren't penalized for buying backlinks? Google has introduced a new policy called "liftpect" into their search results. Liftpect is Google's new way of analyzing how a page ranks within the search results. They've discovered that over the past few years many webmasters have been generating a lot of low-quality backlinks and this has caused Google to deem their pages in certain positions as being "biased". If you notice any positions where your webpage isn't ranking for a particular keyword but it's ranking for a different high-ranking keyword then this is most probably liftpect applying to that page and you will be penalized for buying backlinks.

So how do you get around this? If you're thinking that you need help getting backlinks then there are a couple of things that you can do to avoid getting penalized. One way is to buy quality backlinks from established and reputable webmasters who have links with Google. You can get backlinks from these guys for a price though so make sure you look out for these deals.

Another method that you can use is to engage in black hat link building. Black hat link building is when you engage in activities such as doing keyword research to try and fool Google into thinking that your website is natural. This then causes the search engine to believe that your website could potentially be spam. You can buy backlinks in this manner but your link will most likely be placed within the lower portion of the search results, which means that your webpage will be ranked lower than most. As you can see, it isn't exactly a popular method. If your website is genuinely organic however and it receives plenty of quality backlinks from well-respected websites that are trusted by Google, then you stand a good chance of being ranked higher amongst their search engine results.

A final method that you could use when trying to figure out how to buy backlinks on the Internet is to get natural and organic links. The great thing about these links is that they are what your readers are looking for. This means that your readers aren't going to be searching for any links on Google or Yahoo or Bing. Instead, what they are going to be looking for is quality content on your page. If you can provide them with this, they won't be able to find any reason to penalize your site.