A classic crane comprises hundreds of different parts that work jointly to do some tough lifting tasks. To ensure that the crane works properly and is not damaged, it is important to have it serviced regularly. 

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Every construction project manager must be very careful when storing stock of parts needed for cranes. While the crane is designed to perform difficult jobs in severe conditions, it can also get damaged. Proper servicing at regular intervals can avoid machinery defaults. While controlled use can ensure a longer lifespan for cranes, the contractor does not need to risk crane functionality when used safely or instinctively.

With special screws on wheels, joysticks, cylinders, and brakes, the contractor must first inspect crane parts that need to be replaced more than the other ones. For most contractors, buying crane parts may not be easy because there are relatively few suppliers in the market.

The crane needs to be serviced regularly to make sure that your production project runs smoothly. Depending on the type and load of the crane, certain service modes must be considered. For cranes in standby mode or with light operation, one year of maintenance should be sufficient.

However, maintenance is mandatory every quarter for heavy or continuous cranes.