If you've decided on a composite front door and have found a trusted manufacturer, finding practical tips on how to properly install and hang your new door is a more economical option than hiring someone to do it for you for a fee. Because the new installation is quick and easy, even without professional experience.

What is a composite front door?

Composite doors are one of the newest types of doors that homeowners love in their homes. They use a combination of different materials that are specially selected to offer the best benefits for your entryway. You can also Book An Appointment for composite door installation.

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Usually, a good distributor can provide you with complete instructions and step-by-step instructions in video format to guide you through the entire door installation process. In short, however, this formula basically involves the following basic steps:

Composite front door installation

The first step is to measure the door gap with a tape measure. Remember that you will need to measure the inside of the door, as well as its height and width.

Once the door is shipped, you need to make sure you have enough time to remove the existing door and install the new one.

After some thought and making sure everything is set up, you can now remove the front door. Then follow the door manufacturer's instruction DVD to see exactly how to assemble and install the door.