During strenuous exercise and labor, every woman feels that her breast size should be smaller. The chest area is the main unwanted attraction for women when running, jogging, or exercising. In addition to embarrassment, the chest needs better support when working with strong strokes to avoid tearing the tissue and sagging the chest. For any kind of such activity, it is mandatory for a girl to wear the best workout bra.

If you’re looking to shop the sports bra online navigate to sobike.cn/product-category/products/active-wear-products/bra/ to order it. When shopping for a fully supported sports bra, the first thing you need to know is the size. This is not rocket science.

best workout bra

Then you need to measure your bust. Place the measuring tape on your back next to the bra straps and pull it forward in the nipple area. This will take into account your bust size. If you get a measurement of 0.5 or, just round it off and you'll get an accurate measurement range.

After measuring the band and bust, you need to determine your cup size. You can use this formula to get a good size: measure your bust minus the bar size equals your cup size. If the difference between bust size and wearer size is much smaller than 1 inch, then you are probably an A cup. If one inch then you are A and so on.