A crane truck, which is based on simple principles, is designed to lift heavy and unwieldy items. A crane truck can be used to lift heavy equipment, load ships, and perform delicate operations like moving a whale from a flatbed truck into an aqua arena.

The foundation of these truck mounted cranes is physics-based. It was developed by Ancient Greeks, who discovered that a lever and a fulcrum could be used to lift heavy loads. A lever allows heavy loads attached to shorter beams to be lifted using a small force to the long beam. 

The fulcrum is used to lift the beam. Later they added a hand-winding winch with cables connected to a pulley. To lift objects and move them between points, they wrapped cables around the objects. This was very similar to today. With the aid of hydraulic systems, cranes can lift thousands of tonnes.

The basic equipment of a crane truck consists of: 

* Boom, which is the longest, telescoping arm that moves objects, is the most recognizable part of the crane.

* To prevent the truck from tipping from heavy liftings, counterweights are located at the rear of its cab.

* Jib refers to the lattice structure that allows the boom to expand.

* The crane is balanced by the outriggers.

* The boom can rotate with the Rotex gear