Men and women are currently suffering from acne. You can always hit someone who has a red bumps throughout his face every time you shop at the mall. There are actually some people who would not even go out just because they have acne protruding from their faces. Due to the prevalence of acne, many cures were brought out in the market, but there are some who prefer the quick treatment such as an acne laser treatment.

At present, the clinic uses two types of acne laser care. The first is the treatment of laser diodes and the second is the laser treatment of pulsed dyes. Each of these treatments has been used and has been effective in patients. One catch is that one form of treatment can work with one person but not on the other.

Patients who have chosen to undergo acne laser treatment pay attention to their acne reduction of 37%. This is the result of one visit to the clinic. The next visit further increases the percentage of acne reduction. The third visit has shown a reduction of 85%, which has become a good figure. Some patients who positively respond to treatment that experienced acne removal after four months or five months. Some really feel the minimum effect like a little swelling. This effect often disappears afterwards.