When you submit a 3D modeling project, it’s an exciting time. 3D modeling design services are eager to see the results of their work come together into a 3D model, and if you’ve had a project or two done before, you may have a general idea of what happens next. You can get the services of 3d modeler online if required.

Yet when a project takes longer than expected, it can set back the rest of the project. It can be frustrating when a project takes longer than expected, especially if other companies seem to move the project along much faster.

A lot can affect the speed of a project. It may be that your expectations are out of alignment, or it might be the project is slowed down for other reasons. Here are a few reasons why your project may be taking longer than other projects you’ve had in the past.

If you’re wondering why your current 3D model is going so slow or are hoping to speed up the process with your next model, these tips can help.

An intricate design takes longer than a simple one. If you’re trying to put together a cell phone, for example, with dozens of tiny pieces, it will take longer to create a detailed 3D model of it than it would a simple plastic toy.

Even if your project looks similar to another, if it requires different tools, more screws, or other features that make it more complicated, it may still take more time to create it.

If your new 3D model is too complicated, and you usually do simple projects, ask your freelance 3D design service how long they estimate it will take. This can help guide your planning in the process.