A headshot is a portrait of the person in a 10×8 size or a mug shot. It includes the head, sometimes with shoulders, and focuses on only the face. It also includes the shoulders of a person and this is often called the "three quarter" headshot.

Actors and entertainers use both types of headshots. In the UK, actors traditionally use black-and-white ones. In the USA, they are more often done in color. It is important to tell the photographer for which market you intend to use headshots. If you want to hire a headshot photographer in Milwaukee, then you can search the web.


Actors and entertainers use a headshot to apply for casting or auditions. Usually, the casting director presents it to the casting director who makes a decision about whether the candidate is appropriate for the role.

Headshots that show a person as it is should be the best. If the person has cut their hair or colored it, they will need to have another set of professional photography done. It should reflect the best aspects of the person. A good photographer will capture the personality of a person and increase their chances of landing the job they want.

Professional photography should be focused on the person, not the clothes. It is essential to dress up before the shoot. You should have a variety of tops, including black, white, grey, round, and v-neck. A v-neck top is more likely to lengthen the neck than a round neck top. Plain clothing is important as no one wants their photoshoot to focus on the writing, logos, or palm trees on the tee-shirt.

Before you hire a professional headshots photographer, make sure that they have a portfolio, website, and a list of clients. Photographers can easily be judged based on their work. Check out their work to see if they use different styles or the same lighting setup. Each person is unique and should have a different approach depending on the role you are playing.