Universal docking stations make fantastic alternatives for people who have several devices from different brands. For instance, businesses employ a lot of people and each may have a different model of laptop. 

It is also possible that a company will need to change the name of its laptops at some time. In these instances the use of a thunderbolt docking station could save them so much money since they don't have to keep changing your docking stations.

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Video Output Does it support 4K?

As we mentioned earlier docking stations permit the users to hook up a brand new display to docks, and then enjoy using the brand new monitor. However, it is recommended to look into the features of the docking station's video output ports prior to buying one.

The output of video can be an immense amount of significance for those working in professional areas and require the finest quality of display. Furthermore, as many contemporary games are also available in 4K resolution and textures that are 4K The display quality is now a major consideration for gamers too.

The majority of docking stations that are new offer 4K-resolution support. Many of them come with dual 4K panels while others could support one four-inch display as well as a couple of monitors with lower resolutions. Also, there's many options. You should take into consideration your workplace and the monitors you wish to have supported by docking stations before selecting the one that is best for your needs.

Audio Output 

Alongside video output, it is recommended to be aware of the audio outputs of the docking station. If quality of audio is essential to you, particularly when you host webinars or perform broadcasting or are podcasters, it's recommended to select the docking station which comes with dedicated external speakers and the 3.5 Jack for plugging in microphones.