The Enhanced Reliability Bolt Group is a fully automated 5.56mm M16/M4 fully mass bolt group that is manufactured in Geissele's top-of-the-line manufacturing facility. 

The bolt is constructed of Mil-Spec 8620 steel. It also has a chrome-plated gas lock that secures and locks properly. The cusp pins are constructed using medical-grade steel used for the manufacturing of medical instruments referred to as H13. You can browse online to buy Geissele Automatics Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group at an affordable price.

They are then coated with a nano (Chromium Nitride) gun to ensure maximal wear resistance and resistance to corrosion. The longer top rail of the carrier will also provide greater stability, and dramatically improves the reliability of feed. The carrier is coated with Nanoweapon for the highest wear and corrosion resistance.

Geissele bolts with tensile resistance are produced through Carpenter 158, but they aren't typical materials that are regulated as such by government officials of the US government. Because Geissele decided to take the product to the highest stage, our engineers worked directly with the metallurgists of Carpenter Steel in Reading, Pennsylvania to develop a unique melt of the material known by the name of Carpenter 1558+. 

This material is cleaner and has lower levels of dirt. That makes it stronger and more stable. Then, we didn't stop there. we decided to forge bolts. Utilizing the same method used for making the lower and upper receivers, the bolts forging alter grains of metal, creating bolts that last up to five times the time of the fine bolts that are designed for use.