Although it wasn't always the case, today's Tig welding method is the most popular in the metal industry. While there are many reasons why this is so, there are some that stand out above all others.

Tig welding is now the most popular method of manual arc welding. Everyday, quality and standards are being given more attention. Safety is becoming more important than ever. 

A Tig welder ensures the best quality welds. Tig, also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Inert Gas), is a method of welding that uses an inert gas (usually argon) to protect the weld puddle against contaminations. You can find more about the best tig welding carbon steel pipe at

tig welding carbon steel pipe

To join metal pieces together, Tig welding involves "dipping" filler materials into the welding pool. Tig welding is one of the most difficult welding processes to master. It takes a lot of training to master this method. You will need to dip the feeder materials at a steady pace.

Keep a distance between the electrodes of the metal being welded. The tip of the welding electrode will become a ball if it is connected to sheet metal. This makes it difficult to weld metal and can cause the heat to spread out, making it harder to melt it. 

You can either cool the Tig torch with water or air. An air-cooled system is best if you don't intend to weld at high amps. If you plan to do massive welding, a water-cooled system is the best. This is to ensure that the welding gun does not get too hot so you can continue to work.