Instagram has revolutionized how individuals share and how they see the world. Unexpectedly, people that do not have the experience and the understanding typically reserved to expert photographers. In fact, this app has ended up being so popular is it has actually ended up being the household name among social image sharing networks. Despite the fact that there are other platforms that are more available to more gadgets, still Instagram remains the gold standard for other picture sharing sites. Instagram’s success has catapulted it towards an iconic status that people are referring the competitors as wannabes. No surprise Facebook spent a substantial portion of its cash reserves to acquire these fledgling social networks network for a tremendous one billion dollars. It appears Mark Zuckerberg sees a substantial potential on this venture worth investing a cool billion dollars.

Is it actually a bed of roses for Instagram? Exists some chink on its armor? As the platform grew a growing number of experts are pointing out a number of things that the creators of Instagram and Facebook require to deal with. The criticisms that have actually surfaced just recently is essential in staving off massive user exodus that might become the death knell that will spell doom for this young social media network.

Let us make an evaluation of the top 5 criticisms that have actually been lodged against Instagram.

1. Believe before you speak. When Instagram was pressed to the wall to perform, it made a bad turn that turned off majority of its users. The perpetrator was the sudden change of specifications on its Regards to Service. All of a sudden, Instagram users are being told that the content that they submit to the system can be offered allegedly to services for advertising functions. For instance, if you submitted a picture of your lunch and by the time you returned to the app, you will see that it has become part of an advertisement for a restaurant. Not a quite sight.

2. Fragmentation in Android. When Instagram began it was an iOS-exclusive app. It implies that just devices that are running iOS are able to utilize all the goodies that include the use of the mobile Instagram app. With the growing number of Android devices ruling smartphone landia, Instagram developers lastly decided to make a version made specifically for Android. The intent was great but the execution was bad. It appears that the user experience vary from one Android mobile phone to another. This made people that recognize with the iOS user experience queasy.

3. Instagram can own your photos and videos. This is a headache for expert photographers due to the fact that their work can quickly be owned by Instagram if the images have been uploaded to the system. When you submit content to Instagram you expressly give them license to utilize it without notifying you.

4. Anyone can download your videos and photos you post on Instagram. If you care about privacy very much, this would be one of the things that can put you off Instagram. With many Instagram video downloader websites popping up, anyone with access to your videos can download it for their personal or commercial use without your knowledge.

5. Quality is not quite the very same. People who recognize with the quality of filters in the iOS app would attest that it is not the same when you utilize the Android version of Instagram. There were some features that are discovered in the iOS version that are not found on the Android one. One example is the absence of the shallow depth of field and a darker filter compared to the filter found in iOS.

6. The handling is not the exact same. iOS users have no problem with it however some Android phones will not enable users to shoot from Instagram they need to do a great deal of workaround to make the picture taking take place.

Instagram should listen to its users in order to survive. A billion dollars might possibly be flushed down the drain if Instagram is not careful. It cannot rest on its laurels since there would be much better and more effective competitors waiting in the wings and just trying to find the best opportunity to snatch the crown from Instagram’s head.