Dedicated Servers or Shared? This is a dilemma that many website owners face when opting for a server of their choice and/or looking for hosting excellence that beats the many constraints of mundane hosting services. For websites with low-traffic rates, shared web hosting is an economical entry-point, but as business expands and traffic footage increases, the need for a more dedicated server arises. You can know the pricing for cheap dedicated servers online.

With a Dedicated server, you are not dividing any of the system resources that are offered to you, for use of any other website on the same server. Things like processor power, disk space and memory are all yours now. The server response time is quicker here, since it is not interrupted, in any way, by disturbances or interruptions that are taking place on other sites. 

Shared web hosting can never be 100% reliable, irrespective of how well managed it is. Dedicated servers on the other hand are extremely stable and reliable, with virtually zero risk of getting the server inundated or crashed due to increased traffic on another site that shares space on the same server.

Information that is there on a dedicated server is more secure and if highly sensitive data is required to be stored, a dedicated server is what you need.