The ease of making a purchase or doing business online has led to incredible horror stories about customers' personal and financial information being stolen.

Computer thieves and hackers have found many ways to access servers and steal not only business information but customer information as well.

Therefore, fragmentation becomes important to protect businesses and customers. You can also get secure document destruction services which are secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

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Every business needs policies that are in place and operating so that customers they have done business with for a purchase or financial loan can be sure that their interests are protected.

Not only do companies need proper document destruction policies, but the average person has found that dumping documents in the trash is also risky.

More and more people are buying paper shredders for their homes to protect their privacy. If the thief wanted to, looking for trash would give him lots of information about the people living in the house.

Even random birthday cards reveal important dates of birth or checking accounts, credit card bills, utility bills, phone bills, and letters from family members or friends.

In the text of the letter, the thief may find out the names of relatives, birthdays, and other security issues. Nowadays, buying a paper shredder is a very smart decision to provide protection in your business or home.