As wine knowledge has increased, so has the demand for more advanced courses and certifications. The good news is that the industry is here to help!

What is the difference between wine courses and classes?

Wine courses provide the opportunity to learn about wine in a more comprehensive manner, by covering topics such as grape varieties, wine making, wine tasting and food pairing. Classes are typically more focused on specific wines and their production. For example, a wine class might focus on a particular region or type of wine. You can find the online wine courses via

online wine courses

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Pros of taking wine courses

There are many pros to taking wine courses, whether you are a beginner or an experienced drinker. Wine courses can deepen your understanding of wine and help you learn about different regions and what makes each wine unique. Additionally, wine courses can give you the opportunity to network with other wine enthusiasts and explore new wines. 

What level of experience do you need to take a wine course?

If you want to take an online wine course, the best way to find one that’s right for you is by doing a little research. You can search for wine courses on websites , or by looking through the course descriptions on educational platforms. Once you have a few potential choices, it’s important to read reviews from other students before enrolling in a course.