A digital network with high capacity and speed is required to manage the vast volume of data generated by underground mines. On a global scale, many businesses are leaders in underground mining technologies. Those companies create a solution to your situation.

Reliable communications networks are essential for these technology solutions. They will allow you to have real-time data flow and support your digital growth. Many organizations can design and implement a WiFi communications infrastructure/network to support your underground operation now and into the future and open up a new world of untapped efficiencies and productivities. You can also look for the best underground communication service via https://www.nltdigital.com/.

underground communication service

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Wireless/WiFi Systems

Those organizations provide wireless networks that can be connected instantly and are fail-proof in all applications. This allows you to have a network that adapts to your connectivity needs.


Many organisations provide a variety of products and connectivity solutions that are customised to each customer’s demands. We can provide, install, and design optical fibre networks that enable high-speed, high-bandwidth digital networks to manage data generated by new technology.

Digital drift

Those companies provide power distribution and high-speed network connectivity for devices in difficult industrial environments. Our high-speed Digital Drift System is an access network that allows for underground operations. It’s a fit-for-purpose, high-speed system.

  • One coaxial cable is used to transmit both power and data.
  • It allows you to extend your data network into work areas with ease and affordability.
  • Tradespeople can install and repair these items on-site using simple tools in damp, dirty, and dusty conditions.