Nature was originally blessed with a wonderful drainage system that is in place however, due to the patterns of landscaping that tend to disrupt the original drainage system outdoor areas could prove to be a major drainage issue.

In order to improve drainage in outdoor areas the most important thing is to pay attention to the current drainage condition and how the water flows during floods or when there’s an enormous amount of run-off from water. You can visit  to get the best  perimeter drainage service in your area.

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Once the general direction of flow has been established, planning your paving layout and planting plan must be planned with the general direction of the flow in mind.

Muddy Corners

If the flow of the run-off flows to an outdoor corner space, the chances are that this corner will be very wet and marshy if there is excess water. To combat marshy corners sprinkle white river pebbles on the area of marsh, and fill the deeper areas with pebbles in order to create a more uniform area. 

Water Puddles

Plants that grow in the gutters may also cause irregular floods in gutters. This can result in the formation of puddles of water in the soil.

To prevent this from happening, you should make sure to do some gutter maintenance in order to keep your gutters in good condition and also plan to pave with concrete and then combining it by a few grasses and groundcover plants that distribute the run-off of water equally.